Appsumo Lifetime : LOVO Lifetime Deal for $49.00


LOVO  Appsumo : you get unlimited conversion, and sharing for audio files, so you can take the time to get your voiceover just right. You’ll also be able to easily share audio with anyone you need to get approval from, from coworkers to clients to the producer of your diss track.

To add that extra oomph to your audio, you can insert pauses in between sentences, tinker with the speed of speech, and even add emphasis to certain words for dramatic effect. Of course, video content isn’t complete without a soundtrack that slaps.

Buy LOVO  Lifetime Deal for $49.00


That’s why LOVO lets you overlay background music from a curated list or upload the audio file onto your computer to use your own tunes. LOVO’s pronunciation editor is like the audio counterpart to the find-and-replace function in MS Word.

Get Appsumo LOVO in the Deal for $49.00

You can bulk edit the pronunciation of specific words in your audio using the editor, saving you time and frustration. Just type in the word and the proper pronunciation, and voila! The editor will painlessly make the changes for you throughout the audio.

You don’t have to get Evan from accounting to do your voiceovers just because they have an amateur podcast. LOVO lets you harness the power of text-to-speech technology and unlock human-like voice overs for all your videos.

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