Appsumo Lifetime: Mailifier Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Mailifier Appsum: Our multi-step analysis and verification algorithm allows you to achieve the most accurate and reliable results. You can see all stages of validation with your own eyes in real time and easily export verification results in multiple formats exactly as you need them formatted. Upload your mailing list and get it clean and structured with full analysis as fast as possible.
Get your mailing list clean and actual with our bulk email verification. Just upload your email list and get full analysis results. Get rid of spam traps hard bounces disposable or catch-all emails fast and easy. Install our widget on your site and check email addresses in sign-up and subscription forms with our real-time check service.
Mailifier Appsum

They offer full-featured service entirely dedicated to email verification. Their high-precision algorithms, user-friendly interface and integration features are meant to help you get only actual email addresses without hard bounces.

I was looking for an email verification tool that one works great and two had a decent price. Mailifier fit both of those criteria so I decided to go ahead and purchase two codes.Block misspelled and invalid emails before they get to your list.

10,000 monthly renewed credits

Free deduplication

Free misspelled email detection

Spamtraps removal

Catch-all detection

Anti-greylisting algorithm

Disposable emails checking

Deliverability Guarantee > 99%

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