Appsumo Lifetime: Maybe* Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Maybe* Appsumo: There’s no need to be stuck on content direction when Maybe* offers curated social media content from other companies. Get access to the social media data for over 8 million businesses everyday including comparisons to both direct competitors and companies outside your sector.

From the solo and stressed social media manager to enterprise-level social media teams Maybe* makes the boring tasks of digital content curation so much faster. The Maybe* dashboard gives you powerful and easy-to-use tools that improve social media scheduling listening boosting and reporting.

Click Here to Buy Maybe* Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Maybe* Appsumo

The functionality in Maybe* is super easy to learn and the platform’s experts train media teams with how-to videos on each page along with support team live chat. The support team helps you deliver great results from social media through live chat that’s always there to give you a hand.

Click Here to Buy Maybe* Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Maybe* is designed for business owners marketers freelancers and teams letting you add unlimited seats so collaborators can work together seamlessly. Your entire team will be able to see at-a-glance customer feedback and competitor performance all at once. Because social media is where your customers spend multiple hours a day Maybe* makes it easy to view what is being said by which audience.

Plus detailed analytics help your team understand how your business is doing and more importantly what needs to be done to improve it. It’s time to level up your social media strategy without spending all day scrolling Instagram. Maybe* squeezes the most out of your posts by analyzing the competition and helping you schedule manage and boost your own social channels.

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