Appsumo Lifetime: Melodie Music – Single Plan Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Melodie Music – Single Plan Appsumo: Look no further! Our diverse catalog features more than 18,000 tracks stems and alternate versions from award-winning composers and independent artists. Trusted by National Geographic Fox Sports and ITV. Heard in productions like Ninja Warrior Love Island and The Amazing Race.

Searching is a breeze with Melodie’s intuitive AI-powered interface. It features ‘reverse-audio’ search tools (like Google’s reverse image search) search exclusions find similar functionality hotkeys and a variety of menus including Genre Mood Instrument Purpose BPM and Key.

Click Here to Buy Melodie Music – Single Plan Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Melodie Music - Single Plan AppsumoBest of all we have an exclusive catalog and don’t restrict or monetise digital channels: meaning you’ll avoid copyright strikes muting, takedowns and demonetisation across YouTube and other digital and social platforms. Enhance your creativity avoid copyright headaches and find better music faster with Melodie.

Click Here to Buy Melodie Music – Single Plan Lifetime Deal for $49.00

We’ve been creating killer music for your favourite television shows and films for close to five years now. Melodie came from a deep desire to streamline the music licensing process with better music stems intuitive search and simplified licensing terms.

The breadth and quality of music is outstanding and the stems/ alternate versions are a big value-add. I have enjoyed exploring their curated lists. I hope they will see fit to offer an upgrade to the business plan.

Melodie Music

Enhance your creativity, avoid copyright headaches, and find better music

Intuitive search interface features AI-powered ‘reverse-audio’ search tools

Music (including stems & alternate versions) from award-winning composers and independent artists

Best for a content creator looking for unlimited access to high-quality music

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