Appsumo Lifetime: Morphio Lifetime Deal for $199.00


Morphio Appsumo: Morphio makes it simple to find anomalies in your marketing campaigns. You’ll get alerts for things like overspending on your ad budgets and unexpected behavior on your website. Plus it’ll point out mistakes and failures with lightning speed.

Segmenting your customers lets you discover who’s converting and who’s not.Morphio analyzes and automatically compiles your Google Analytics customer data based on website conversions/sales to discover who the high- and low-converting customer segments are.

Click Here to Buy Morphio Lifetime Deal for $199.00

Morphio Appsumo

You’ll also get actionable data on segmented behavior, attribution and trends to build and refine the perfect strategy for your audience. You’ll have access to projections on conversions costs-per-lead sessions and impressions for a clear view of what to expect with your strategy changes.

Click Here to Buy Morphio Lifetime Deal for $199.00

Morphio uses AI to monitor marketing budget performance, audience segments forecasting and site monitoring so you can start making informed updates to your strategy way faster. Use all the time you save on analysis to maximize your marketing ROI.

Morphio has helped me take a nice, focused look at search console and analytics data so it’s a keeper. I’m not currently using it for ads but I’m hooking every SEO client up so we can assess their sites for search impressions and clicks and see where we can improve.

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