Appsumo Lifetime: Lifetime Deal for $69.00

221 Appsumo: Highlight the data you want to extract and Parsio will automatically process all the similar incoming emails and attachments.

Download the parsed data (Excel CSV JSON) sync it with Google Spreadsheets send it via webhooks or integrate it with 4000+ apps using Zapier Pabbly Connect Integrately Integromat KonnectzIt and more.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $69.00 Appsumo
We help you automate your business even when you sleep!

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How to activate multiple licenses:
1. Redeem your first code: log in to your Parsio account > Account settings > Plans > Redeem a promo code.
2. Email us all the license codes ( or send them to us via chat (the orange chat button in the bottom right corner of each page). Our support team will help you to activate them.

What is a Parsio credit?
Your Parsio account is credited every month with a number of credits according to your tier (1000, 1500, or 3000 credits). A credit is used when you process (parse) an email for the first time.
*** Unparsed emails don’t consume your credits ***

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $69.00

I decided to buy Parsio even though I have Pabbly Connect that includes an email parsing action. Parsio adds a lot more functionality flexibility and is far easier to use. Also Andrew has been super helpful with usage guidance and quickly fixed the bugs that I reported.

I was looking for a way to streamline data entry and Parsio is a fantastic solution! I feel I have only scratched the surface of what it can do but so far it has proven to be a solution to my needs.

1x code = 1000 credits / month (e.g. parsed emails)

Parse HTML and plain text emails

Parse attachments: PDF, HTML, DOCX, XLSX and many others

Zapier integration (4000+ apps)

Send parsed data to webhooks or download as XLSX/CSV/JSON

Export emails to Google Sheets in real time

Automatically save your email attachments to Cloud Storage

Stacking info: 2x codes = 1500 credits / month

Stacking info: 3x codes = 3000 credits / month

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