Appsumo Lifetime: Lifetime Deal for $49.99 Appsumo: You need to send credentials over email Slack or Teams but how can you know if someone was eavesdropping and read the message and the credentials? How can you know when and who viewed the credentials?

Sharing confidential information is risky, but that’s why there is

Both corporate and private customers don’t want confidential information like passwords credit cards, PINs or Bitcoin wallets to be shared openly or remain in their business/WhatsApp chat.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $49.99 AppsumoDay by day more and more cases of small to large security gaps are becoming known in which the providers and operators have negligently handed over the user’s data.

Using our service you can create a one-time link to the credentials and be sure nobody sees them before the recipient!

You can also configure notifications to be sent via different channels so you know when the credentials have been viewed and by who.

As the link works only once you also know that the credentials can’t be read again by anyone.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $49.99

You can completely hide our branding and add your own and you can also customize the content of the pages your users see when they view the credentials.

I love that Password.Link makes it easy for me to send passwords/secure notes to people who I need to share them with. It makes it easy to keep track the IP address and time it was accessed at too.

Lifetime access to – Pro Plan

Send 500 secrets and passwords monthly

Configurable settings for secrets

Password generator

Custom pages & hide branding

Notifications (email, Slack, etc.)



Strong AES-256 Encryption

Team size up to 20

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