Appsumo Lifetime : Lifetime Deal for $49.00

38  Appsumo : lets you publish your new podcast to all the major platforms using the Podcast Hosting feature. Then you can submit your new podcast to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Just like that, your written content has jumped platforms to find a cozy new home with millions of active listeners. comes with a WordPress plugin, so you can convert your WordPress blog posts to audio right from your blog. Embed the audio right in the post with fully customizable media players that hit visitors with the ol’ one-two content punch. Plus, it’s all download-ready for repeat listeners.

Buy Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Now that you’re getting listeners as well as readers, expect lower bounce rates for your site—you’ve got a little something for everyone. Plus, visitors will be spending more time with your content now that they can listen to it, too.

Get Appsumo in the Deal for $49.00’s analytics will let you know exactly how your audio is doing with key metrics like listens, listening time, and downloads. Go ahead and crunch the numbers while listening to your visionary, groundbreaking podcast. makes your writing come alive as a podcast—without all the hassle of recording it yourself. Increase your reach and accessibility with a powerful tool that’ll have you dominating two mediums instead of one.

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