Appsumo Lifetime: Popupsmart Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Popupsmart Appsumo: I was using very popular another solution as I never see Popupsmart before on Google searches before but one of our friend help me to discover them. The UI is very useful and easy to understand. I like that style of popups and the total experience of creating new popups.

I’ve had a great experience with Popupsmart. Great enough to take time to convince my marketing department that we should use this service among the others we’ve tested. We’re now currently customers and the clear analytics on the dashboard show that we made the correct decision.

Click Here to Buy Popupsmart Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Popupsmart Appsumo

 Get offered the best popup view of any dimensions with responsive designs that are compatible. Prevent your visitors from leaving your website by detecting cursor behavior and displaying predetermined messages.

Only display your popup if a user has scrolled the desirable percentage of a webpage. Show digital campaigns based on users’ location and localize your offers. Display your popup after the user has been inactive on the website for a while to boost user experience.

Click Here to Buy Popupsmart Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Before using Popupsmart, we used Mailchimp’s popups to capture emails in our blog. The problem with Mailchimp is that their embed code was slowing down our website and customization is limited. Since we’ve started to use Popupsmart.

Popupsmart Basic Tier

100k Pageviews

Unlimited websites

Unlimited popups

No-code tool so everyone can use it

48 Conversion ready popup templates

26 Audience targeting options: geo-location targeting, exit-intent targeting and more

Integrated with +8 email newsletter providers and also Zapier

97 KB Total code & high speed

5 Minute support

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