Appsumo Lifetime: Lifetime Deal for $39.00

132 Appsumo: Introducing QR code marketing — QR codes can be useful for many reasons. It is the main entrance to the digital world from the physical world.

With QR codes you can drive app installs gather feedback promote your website collect emails and share your marketing messages.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $39.00 Appsumo is a QR code marketing platform. Create and share custom QR codes. Track how many people have scanned it.

With their custom landing pages for apps you can quickly increase your app installs.

Use QR codes to gather feedback from your customers so you can build better experiences for them.

Click Here to Buy Lifetime Deal for $39.00

Promote events and discounts. You can promote any event or give discount codes when people scan the QR Code. gives you full control of the design process. Create custom QR codes that match your brand look & feel you can even add your logo to the QR code. is so easy to use and the opportunities for business growth are so wide. My customer was just tickled with a QR Code solution that had major impacts to their business needs.

Dynamic QR Codes

Static QR Codes

Customized Colors & Shapes for QR Codes

No Coding Required

Custom QR codes with logo

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