Appsumo Lifetime: Samdock Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Samdock Appsumo: The Simplest CRM for sales and customer management with straightforward features!

When it comes to managing sales and customers you constantly struggle between too little and too much with your tools.

And you end up using “intuitive” tools that often make the process harder than it is.

Click Here to Buy Samdock Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Samdock AppsumoMaybe it’s time to take a lesson from Mad Men’s Don Draper – Make it simple, but significant.

Looking for a simple, effortless, and genuinely intuitive CRM platform that gets the job done?

Samdock CRM is designed specifically for small businesses to manage leads customers and tasks in a structured and efficient manner.

Click Here to Buy Samdock Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Had been utilizing another CRM and needed to make payments for add-ons as well with Samdock it is simpler to utilize and soon we can have fully matured email threads within Samdock.

Samdock is completely different. The user interface is simple and modern making it a breeze to use. The functions are not overloaded and even though there are fewer reports available than Pipedrive offers I feel that all relevant information is available.


3 users

Lifetime access

15,000 persons

7,500 organizations

5,000 Leads & Deals

10 Pipelines (max. 20 stages each)

10 GB storage

Email BCC

IMAP/SMTP email sync (2-way)

Unlimited requests


10 inbound sources

30 custom fields

20 list views

Contact segmentation

Double Opt-in Automation

Integrations (i.e. Zapier)

Open API

User upgrades possible later

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