Appsumo Lifetime: SerpWatch Lifetime Deal for $69.00


SerpWatch  Appsumo: SerpWatch’s Intelligence Hub consolidates all ranking data in one place letting you compare different SEO data points on a single line graph. With the compare feature you can simultaneously monitor and compare different performance metrics like search rankings and organic traffic without switching tabs.

SerpWatch keeps track of your keywords so you don’t have to sending you email browser push and Slack notifications to stay on top of keyword movement. You can also share any projects you’ve created in much like a Google Doc—by giving the link from the dashboard to colleagues.

Buy SerpWatch Lifetime Deal for $69.00

SerpWatch  Appsumo

SerpWatch allows you to easily create and download reports for yourself clients or colleagues. You can also use white-labeled client portals to give instant access to projects any time clients like. Now those involved partners can just constantly hit refresh instead of pinging you three times a week.

Get Appsumo SerpWatch in the Deal for $69.00

That’s not all. When it comes to your stellar search rankings results SerpWatch has you covered when someone inevitably asks for the receipts. Simply click the open screenshot command from the ranking chart and it’s all right there for you.

Staying on top of your SEO is arguably harder than keeping up with whatever fads your kids are into these days. That’s why SerpWatch tracks your keywords compiles your data, and monitors your competitors all while giving clients instant access to white-labeled reports.

I doubted the ability of SerpWatch to stack so many useful features in a new tool but since I’ve been following their work before I bought it I wanted to buy it in the first round of AppSumo sales.

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