Appsumo Lifetime: Sleekplan Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Sleekplan Appsumo: Sleekplan’s feature voting board calculates an impact score for each feedback item so you can prioritize what to build or improve next. As you refine your product or service send out roadmaps and changelogs to announce new features.

You can even include an optional call-to-action link in your communications directing users to a desired location. With Sleekplan’s customer satisfaction dashboard you’ll stay informed on key performance indicators and satisfaction measures that are critical to your business.

Click Here to Buy Sleekplan Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Sleekplan Appsumo

Sleekplan makes incorporating a feedback loop easy with four modules to select from based on your needs: Feature voting board, Roadmap, Changelog, and CSAT. If you want everything all in one place opt for the in-product widget that embeds directly in your web app or website.

Click Here to Buy Sleekplan Lifetime Deal for $59.00

But packaged the wrong way, it can cause nausea, upset stomach heartburn, and on occasion weeping into a throw pillow. Keep your sanity intact with the solution that covers the entire feedback loop. Sleekplan makes capturing initial requests, sending out communications and everything in between well sleek.

All Sleekplan tiers currently allow small and aspiring tech entrepreneurs like myself to put our passion projects front and center instead of putting a premium to remove white-labeling.

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