Appsumo Lifetime: Swipebucket Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Swipebucket  Appsumo: Not only can you save the internet with Swipebucket but you can then organize everything you’ve saved for easy access later. Sort your content with buckets, sub-buckets tags and starred items so that there’s no mystery when you try to find that funny video clip or helpful article you saved two weeks ago.

Swipebucket also lets you add and manage team members. Collaborate on swipes by sharing buckets sub-buckets and Swipe cards as well as commenting on items in the Swipebucket chat. Import all your Kindle book highlights and notes to their own buckets each containing their own notes.

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Swipebucket  Appsumo

If you’re an avid reader and want to revisit your highlights and notes from Kindle you can transfer them right into Swipebucket for easy access later. These highlights and notes can also be included in your daily email reminder.

Click Here to Buy Swipebucket Lifetime Deal for $59.00

When you’re eagerly saving things you find online, it’s easy to forget what you’ve swiped. That’s where Swipebucket’s daily email reminder comes in. This email reminds you of items you’ve saved—even those you saved long ago.

Clear all the screenshots from your desktop and delete those browser folders filled with articles you forgot to read. Swipebucket is swooping in to save the day—or least the internet—by giving you one place to house all the things you love from your online adventures.

When you scroll through web pages there is a smallish circle shaped Swipebucket logo that appears as you rollover things  which takes getting used to.

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