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TuCalendi Appsumo: TuCalendi is an automated appointment manager that makes it easy to schedule and organize virtual events and in-person meetings. You want to connect with your customers and collaborators but it’s hard to seem accessible when it takes a week of back and forth just to schedule an appointment. Concentrate on the everyday nuts and bolts of your business and leave the scheduling gymnastics to someone else.

TuCalendi lets you give your customers a seamless scheduling experience so you can build a reputation of being accessible and reliable. Create a live online calendar to share with your customers and host on your website as well as your social media pages—all without any coding. You’ll be able to share your TuCalendi widget’s URL on different channels and let your clients schedule appointments in advance.

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TuCalendi Appsumo

With TuCalendi you can make it simple for your customers to schedule appointments right from your booking page so you can say goodbye to pesky back-and-forth email chains. Customize your booking pages as a standalone website or as a landing page on your existing site with instant access to your pricing hours and other details.

Whether your meetings are virtual over the phone or in-person you can ensure that your time and your customers’ time are used as efficiently as possible. Using TuCalendi’s built-in, automatic email reminders you can reduce missed appointments. You’ll be able to immediately notify attendees of changes in their appointment time whether you’re dealing with rescheduling or canceling the meeting.

Click Here to Buy TuCalendi Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Plus you can personalize appointment reminders so your clients know you care about their time too. Now you can understand your customers get feedback on your services and collect user data to better address your clients’ needs. Using the functional survey editor you’ll be able to create surveys that you can send independently or attach to appointments.

Once someone schedules an appointment you can immediately send them a survey to complete before the meeting so you’re prepared to serve them before they even arrive. Keeping track of all your appointments shouldn’t feel like you’re juggling a dozen eggs.  TuCalendi’s streamlined scheduling and survey tools make it easy for you to book and manage appointments efficiently.

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All future Pro Plan updates

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GDPR compliant

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