Appsumo Lifetime: Vocal – Plus exclusive Lifetime Deal for $37.00

Vocal – Plus exclusive Appsumo: One of the best ways to get your point across online today is via voice.

As asynchronous work is growing it is becoming an important way to communicate and be more efficient. Your voice and tone can help a lot and it will help you build trust and strengthen your relationship with the people you are communicating with. is here to make it easy for you to create voice notes and send those via email.

Click Here to Buy Vocal – Plus exclusive Lifetime Deal for $37.00

Vocal - Plus exclusive AppsumoYou can use this extension to record your voice and share your recordings over the Internet.

A single click is required to start the recording so you can get going fast. Then your recording can be listened to by your recipient directly inside Gmail or Outlook!

It is also turned into a beautiful web page that you can share anywhere.

Email is just text and humans don’t relate to it. Audio messages are much more personal and create a real connection with the listener.

Click Here to Buy Vocal – Plus exclusive Lifetime Deal for $37.00

Sending audio recordings per email is a real productivity improvement and a great way to share a personal message and communicate better. Tired of typing messages the whole day? Just send a voice message instead.

Get access to and start being more unique in your online communication!

With Vocal I’ve been getting them to respond to my emails. Whenever they receive my email there’s an attachment that says recordings.mp3. Gets the recipient curious as to what is on that attachment.

Vocal – Plus Exclusive

Send voice messages from Gmail

Record video messages (webcam, screen or both) straight in your browser

Send as many messages as you want

Unlimited recording time

Download messages

Access to upcoming features

Code Stacking: Each additional code gets 1 more user

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