Appsumo Lifetime: Word of Mouth BOT Lifetime Deal for $99.00


Word of Mouth BOT Appsumo: If your competition has a better review score then you, your business is at risk of being crushed online.

Simply asking customers to write you a review is no longer enough… Dominate searches with the easiest to use reputation marketing tool available.

Word of Mouth BOT funnels new customers ready to buy to from your business effortlessly!

Click Here to Buy Word of Mouth BOT Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Word of Mouth BOT Appsumo

Insulate your online reputation by internalizing bad reviews and getting more 5-star reviews.

The included reseller portal allows you to offer this to 3 businesses and 99% of businesses are not using a review marketing tool so the potential is unlimited.

Click Here to Buy Word of Mouth BOT Lifetime Deal for $99.00

This limited time offer allows unprecedented lifetime access to the world’s most effective reputation marketing tool.

I couldn’t be happier to recommend WomBot. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing! My online business reviews were suffering and this app single handedly turned it around.

Word of Mouth BOT

Gets you unlimited reviews

Quick / easy set up

Gets reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and all public review sites

Easy for any type of business to use

Internalizes negative reviews

Powerful SEO booster

Puts reviews where they are needed most

Protects your online reputation

On average get reviews from 40% of your customers

Monthly detailed reputation reports

No tech skills required

Automatically follows up with your customers

Scrapes competitor reputations

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