Appsumo Lifetime: wpDataTables Lifetime Deal for $59.00


wpDataTables Appsumo: To create your table, input the data manually or upload files from an existing data source. wpDataTables supports MySQL query Google Sheets PHP array JSON and XML input sources. The Google Sheets API allows you to automatically sync previously created published and shared Google Sheets in wpDataTables plus create tables from private Sheets.

The advanced customization features are virtually endless. From choosing a color palette to inserting your company logo wpDataTables lets you do it all and then some! You can create and use form-based columns that calculate the sum average, minimum, and maximum of all the values in seconds with zero effort on your part.

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wpDataTables Appsumo

Another time-saver: the conditional formatting feature which lets you easily highlight rows, columns and cells in your table based on specific conditions you set beforehand. Finally the advanced filtering allows frontend table users to filter the data in your tables by the values of each individual column.

Click Here to Buy wpDataTables Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Now that you’ve got everything where you want it publish the table on your site using standard WP Editor, good ole’ Visual Composer or Gutenberg block. With the Foreign Key functionality  you can connect several tables together and avoid storing repeated blocks of information.

Every table has its own database connection and can pull data from multiple databases and servers. Plus wpDataTables supports connections for MySQL MS SQL and PostgreSQL. Having a lot of data can be overwhelming. Making it look nice and pretty doesn’t have to be. Turn your data into powerful and insightful visuals with wpDataTables.

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