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Writecream Appsumo: Since the method was new and not many people did business via email yet such a mass-sales-oriented approach actually worked great as a lead generation method. But the more copy-paste type of messages flooded the prospects’ inboxes, the less effective this approach became. People grew sensitive to the salesy tone and the generic character of cold emails.

Nowadays it’s all about building a relationship with a prospect. Cold email copy should be focused on the recipient, not your product or service. Put yourself in their shoes. From the very first email a prospect should feel that you understand their business and the challenges it entails. Don’t jump to making the deal straight ahead.

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Writecream Appsumo

Furthermore, personalization is addressing the exact reply of your prospects, by designing different versions of a follow-up and defining a trigger action that pings it. The more you learn about your prospects the easier it will be for you to craft a message perfectly tailored to the particular prospect segment.

Click Here to Buy Writecream Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Writecream helps you automate your sales and marketing. Your prospect receives 100s of emails daily & their brains have adapted to ignore them.We’ve built Writecream to generate personalized customized introductions that compel recipients to open click and respond.

Writecream is an up and coming AI writer. Not there yet compared to other top apps I had tried but the potential is there. Many of their features are similar to other AI writing apps but one area they stand out is the Personalization for Cold Outreach.

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