Appsumo Lifetime: WriterZen Lifetime Deal for $69.00


WriterZen Appsumo: you can identify golden topic opportunities to create engaging content based on your audience’s needs. The topic discovery tool lets you find strategic topics with low competition and great relevancy so you can build topic clusters that fill in the gaps in your knowledge base. Developing topic clusters based on these untapped topic opportunities also helps build your authority on the topic and establish yourself as an industry expert.

After you’ve chosen a topic WriterZen will guide you through the next step in your SEO workflow to help you find relevant keywords that fit your content ideas. Cutting-edge metrics developed by WriterZen’s in-house researchers make it easy to pick keywords based on their relevancy authority search volume and competition. You’ll be able to select and automatically cluster keywords based on ranking attributes.

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WriterZen Appsumo

Once you’ve used the topic discovery and keyword explorer tools to do your SEO research you can then execute with the content creator tool and generate SEO-friendly content. Choose from suggested NLP entities to make your content comprehensible for the bots, then create a masterpiece using WriterZen’s sophisticated text editor. You can use the built-in GPT-3 powered AI assistant to create content that’s search-engine friendly and engaging to your audience.

Click Here to Buy WriterZen Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Build captivating articles from scratch quickly using analytics and real-time suggestions that guide you through the writing process. You can add the final touches as you run your content through the built-in plagiarism checker tool. The tool will identify any duplicate content or poorly paraphrased material. That way you’ll know your content is original and avoid Google penalties.

Plus, WriterZen lets you quickly download reports that you can share with your team for simple collaboration. No one wants to be left alone to figure out complicated things that are essential to their basic needs. WriterZen takes complex search engine data and reveals best-kept competitor secrets, providing an SEO workflow that helps you stay relevant and rank.

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to WriterZen

All future Basic (T1), Standard (T2), & Advanced (T3+) Plan updates

You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

Stack up to 4 codes

Only for new WriterZen users who do not have existing accounts

Note: Previous Self Listing buyers cannot stack this deal onto their current accounts

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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