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youengage Appsumo: et ready to better target your customers using self-declared quiz data and customer assessments for product recommendations and e-commerce data segmentation. The multifaceted content builder helps you implement advanced features like skip logic and outcome mapping making content like product quizzes with custom answers possible.

Nothing makes a webinar more boring than a lack of interactive content. Bring your events to life with the ability to add interactivity to virtual events giving participants the chance to ask questions vote in polls and more right beside your live video.

Buy youengage Lifetime Deal for $49.00

youengage Appsumo

Then turn interactive experiences into marketing tools by integrating user data with the many apps in your marketing stack. You can use the platform’s integrations and webhooks for data integration and analysis while maintaining your own custom domain on web-hosted projects and events.

Get Appsumo youengage in the Deal for $49.00

If high school drama club taught us anything, it’s that everything is more fun when everyone has an involved role. With youengage you can get your customers involved and build stronger relationships with them using interactive web elements.

While YouEngage has a lot of features that will allow you to create engaging digital experiences it does have some drawbacks which need to be plugged over time by their team. As of now the tool does not feature a real-time leaderboard option that can significantly enhance the user experience.

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