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Audio Buzz:The controls are, from left: Gain – for post-compression gain makeup in 0.5dB steps; next is Compress, which controls the amount of gain reduction: both this and Gain are high quality Elma rotary switches – all controls are switched on the unit, aiding audio quality and making recalls easier.

In the Hard position the self-adjusting ratio works normally, whereas in Soft mode some dynamics are retained when only light compression is required. The next switch is Flat/ Bass: when Bass is engaged, a high-pass filter is added to the side chain to reduce the sensitivity of the compressor at low frequencies – this can be useful when mastering bass-heavy music to retain low-end dynamics and avoid LF elements pumping the whole track

Buy Audio Buzz Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Audio Buzz

After a while with the unit, unlike some compressors I found that for any given program material there would usually be a range of settings that worked, something to be welcomed: while too much choice in mastering isn’t always a good thing, in this case I felt it put control firmly in my hands to create the dynamics that best fitted the project.

You can download any and all tracks from their ever-expanding library and use them forever — for any type of project.Audio Buzz has an exclusive tool called Video Preview, which enables you to upload your video instantly (yes, even if it’s 2GB) and listen to how tracks you select from the library match up with it in real-time.

Get Appsumo Audio Buzz in the Deal for $99.00

This allows you to find the right piece of music MUCH faster!No more downloading a zillion preview tracks and uploading them to your video editing software (although you can do that too).For longer videos

you can select multiple tracks and even cross-fade them to hear how well they transition with the visuals… and all in real-time.Many of the tracks include stems and loops so you have maximum creative freedom to integrate them in your videos however you like.

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