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Curious Karen: I have to say at one point the story broke me. I have learnt not to expect a HEA from Seth’s books, so when there is one I am pleasantly surprised, however there is a part of Curious that was so heartbreaking that I had to stop reading because I was crying so hard I couldn’t see the words.

If I had to describe Curious in a few words I’d call it a friends to lovers bromance with a Seth King twist. If you have ever read a Seth King book you will know there is nothing ordinary or straight forward in where he takes his characters and Curious was no different.

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Curious Karen

Surveys are too often exceedingly long and exceedingly boring to fill out, even though they are crucial for gathering decision-making data in many organizations.

Add skip-logic functionality so users are displayed a different set of questions based on their answers.Embed Curious Karen on your website.It’s never been easier to increase engagement and collect valuable feedback with this powerful instrument in your toolbox.

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email sender to start a survey via email so the question and answers is shown in the email and continue survey based on answer in email, also to automatically add email and names to email list for automatic emails, and send emails based on clients response .
Stripe and paypal

Curious Karen has generous limits for creating beautiful conversational survey. It is great for having “small talks” with website visitors and at the same time segmenting leads by intent through the answer piping feature.

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