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Fast Video Cataloger:Since shooting and downloading videos from the Internet is more convenient and accessible than ever before, many of us end up cluttering our mobile devices and computers with digital media. The more clips pile up in your hard drives, the less tempted you feel to organize them so that you can find them whenever necessary.

Creating a new database is a user-friendly operation that entails following four simple steps. Therefore, you can drag and drop the files or folders you want in the dedicated field from the Add Videos tab. Afterwards, you can set the thumbnails generation interval,

Buy Fast Video Cataloger Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Fast Video Cataloger

The UI is slightly rugged and because the tabs are crowded somewhere in the lower location of the panel, there is a chance it may take some time before you can get used to the navigation system. Then again, the utility comes with several functions that can help you overcome this setback.

In spite of the fact that it is not a looker, Fast Video Cataloger enables you to quickly manage extensive compilation in a manner that permits you to find the video or movie you want without too much hassle.

Get Appsumo Fast Video Cataloger in the Deal for $49.00

Fast Video CatalogerĀ is a professional Windows software that lets you create a searchable video database that presents videos in a thumbnail timeline.Click on a video to get an instant overview of the entire video clip.

Fast Video Cataloger will automatically extract video frames and other meta-data from your videos.You can search videos or individual thumbnails with advanced search functions, play video straight from the time in the thumbnail using the integrated video player, and add more metadata to your videos

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