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findmassleads Review: findmassleads is a B2B lead-generation database that helps small business owners, freelancers, and web agencies find loads of good potential customers based on technology in one click.

findmassleads provides leads in bulk to small business owners, freelancers, and web agencies.Yes, finding new customers is hard… especially when you don’t have a system that does the work for you.

Buy findmassleads Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Plus, who wants to waste all that energy replying to job posts on gig marketplaces or reaching out to companies by hand?

findmassleads can teach you how to build an outreach campaign. The database provides thousands of good leads to you in a few minutes. Export them as a CSV file, then upload the file to your favorite cold outreach tool — like lemlist or Mailshake, for example.

Get fresh lists of Shopify, Stripe, and WordPress users every month, and then plan a simple cold outreach campaign to grow your revenue.

Discover leads in the database of tens of millions of websites

Software works best if you can identify your client by the technology they’re using on their website

Works wonders with services like pay-per-click, SEO, conversion rate optimization, AB testing, analytics, content marketing, etc

Findmassleads AppSumo Monthly Plan

20,000 Credits per month

Discover untapped leads based on 936 technologies

Get new customers based on “techs stack” data

Fresh data that’s no more than 3 months old

Domain names, rank, language, location, technologies, estimated monthly tech spend, emails, phone numbers, and social links

Find lists of websites that use tech1 AND tech2 (and tech3…)

Bulk lookup: domain/URL to emails

Business emails detector

Findmassleads Review:

As a funnel consultant I am always looking for new clients who are struggeling to make their online business highly profitable.

With this handy tool I am able to have a quick look at the technology that the prospect is using, shoot a quick video for him and off to the next.

Cons: “Only” 20k scrapes a month – but honestly: If you take the time to qualify you leads a bit and actually care about their situation, this is more than enough per month.

Would be good, if you can add GrooveFunnels as technology filter though.

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