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HockeyStack: HockeyStack is a no-code analytics tool that tracks every action of your users, enables you to define custom actions, and presents all the data on an easy to understand dashboard. There are a lot of ‘simple analytics tools’ lately. But let me tell you the difference between HockeyStack

I used other simple tools and they lack certain features like event tracking and filtering, like the maker said. I think that this product can fill the gap between expensive and complex tools and the simple tools. Great job

Buy HockeyStack Lifetime Deal for $79.00


HockeyStack’s dashboard is easy to understand, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks features you need! All your essentials are presented with a simple UI on your dashboard.

You will be able to understand your users to know what to build next – all with no-code.Explore your visitors’ behavior by seeing all their actions. Filter them by location, device, custom actions etc. All with just a few clicks.

Get Appsumo HockeyStack in the Deal for $79.00

Each click, each scroll, each action is automatically collected and analyzed.Start converting your visitors into customers.Get lifetime access to HockeyStack today!

Our goal at HockeyStack is to make analyzing data a fun and easy process. Other tools require you to code for hours to analyze user behavior, which is a complete waste of time for Sumo-Lings! You can integrate HockeyStack with a single line of code and start analyzing events

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