Appsumo Offer : Makezu Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Makezu:However, having a Twitter account active, sharing high-quality posts to your audience, engaging with followers with welcoming messages, thanks for RTs are important tactics for your brand reputation, but it’s highly time-consuming.

That’s why Makezu is designed as the ultimate way to transform your social media presence into a brand-new revenue stream for your business.

Buy Makezu Lifetime Deal for $69.00


With this AI-based functionality, engage your audience with smart content henceforth while keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. They add smart hashtags for likes and RT to automatically turn your posts into viral tweets. Welcome each new follower, and thanks for all RTs.

Finding Potential Customers — Makezu’s AI is able to target every Twitter user based on their expressed concerns or life events.From there, engaging with those potential customers through cleverly crafted messages. it is 100% automated.

Get Appsumo Makezu in the Deal for $69.00

Makezu is a cutting-edge Twitter Automation platform, providing an end-to-end solution from lead activation to community growth and follower care.
With Makezu, you get a whole bunch of features, designed to give you the best and empowering your team to gather actionable user insights

Absolutely impressed with the value here, I’ve seen Makezu the first time on product hunt and I remember testing it out and was so excited for what I’ll be able to do and the potential it offers. Since I had my live demo the first time.

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