Appsumo Offer: NetcoreSaas Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $99.00


NetcoreSaas Review: With NetcoreSaas, you can quickly compose and download a project so you can easily set up authentication, subscription/pricing structure, multi-tenancy if needed, role and resource management, and more!

NetcoreSaaS has built-in features available in multiple themes, languages, and databases. Let your user customize their organization with their own branding theme, color, icon, logo and profile picture.

Buy NetcoreSaas Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Allow organization owners and administrators to invite users to their workspace by sending them invite links or enabling a public invitation link, with or without pre-authorization.

Don’t start from scratch again by developing features almost every SaaS app needs. It’s everything you want in one single codebase.

VueJS frontend + .NET Core backend

Authentication, stripe subscriptions, email, and user/tenant/resource management

Up to 3 projects and 3 developers, as well as 1-year access to latest releases

Stop repeating yourself when you can streamline the entire process by downloading the VueJS + .NET Core + TailwindCSS codebase now.

Get Appsumo NetcoreSaas in the Deal for $99.00

NetcoreSaas Features Plan

  • Codebase starter for SaaS applications

  • VueJS (TypeScript) frontend

  • .NET Core backend

  • TailwindCSS as CSS framework

  • Stripe: Configure your subscriptions (products and prices)

  • Multi-tenancy: Each customer has its own database (or not, you decide)

  • Multi-organization: Each tenant is an organization. Manage users and permissions

  • Multi-theme: TailwindCSS based themes, dark and light mode

  • Multi-language: English, Spanish and (some) Hindi language files

  • Resources manager: Upload subscription or role based files for your customer

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