Appsumo Offer : Nudgify Lifetime Deal for $79.00


Nudgify : Nudgify increases your website’s sales and sign-ups automatically, with powerful notifications . Nudges display live data to create effects such as Social Proof and FOMO. Your visitors see your recent sales and your most popular products. Adding real-world context to your store helps you to build trust and engage your visitors.

Nudgify captures real activity on your website and displays it to new visitors. By showing your visitors that activity is taking place, Social Proof notifications build trust and credibility, instantly. The data is captured automatically, and you can integrate Nudgify with 100s of apps to turn any engagement into Social Proof.

Buy Nudgify Lifetime Deal for $79.00


Most websites struggle to turn visitors into customers — and that means the majority of your marketing budget gets wasted.Showing how popular you are with social proof and FOMO notifications helps to build trust and urgency in a natural way.

Nudgify is more than a simple social proof or FOMO app though.With this product, you can choose from a library of powerful notifications, and each one turns real-time data into a powerful purchase trigger.

Get Appsumo Nudgify in the Deal for $79.00

You can even create your own notifications to improve user experience (UX) on problem pages.Nudgify gives you control of your Nudges’ timings, appearance, and sequences.It works in 20+ languages and integrates with hundreds of apps to show different types of activity.This versatility makes Nudgify a customer-friendly option, improving both conversions and customer experiences.

My team is gathering suggestions for new features to add to Nudgify – and we have created a request board especially for Sumo-ling suggestions! If you have 30 seconds to spare, we would be so grateful to hear your ideas.

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