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OpenStories:Short story collection Open by Lisa Moore is an exploration in human connections that tests what keeps us together and what draws us apart, from the tangible to the tantalizing effervescent

I find it extraordinary that I don’t connect with Ms. Moore’s writing since we are of the same age although I am a mainlander Canadian-Irish transported to Newfoundland. I just am not into her skimming sweeping style with elusive depths suggested from the very heavy topics she covers.

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All you have to do is just extend and republish the story with your own branding.Why? Because it’s yours.New trending and lifestyle stories are created every day.

Content creators no longer need to start creating videos and stories from scratch. Why go through all that extra, time-consuming legwork when there’s a product that can do all the heavy lifting for you now?OpenStories has an A.I.-powered video editor and other powerful tools to help you create and host new media.It’s never been easier to create fresh, new, scalable content.

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But when I was introduced to OpenStories from my friend, I was really amazed with this tool. This tool is perfect for making video teasers for content. The accuracy and relevancy of the A.I. generated content is very impressive. It has everything to create content video teasers for my content.

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