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Rezi: I’m a new Rezi user, paid for the service etc… 1st the pro’s the resume template is easy to use and professional-ish. Now the cons: Customer service is unresponsive, there is only one template to choose from  there are a ton of formatting issues you have to fix if you download the .docx format, the site is lacking explanations about terms used and meanings.

The Rezi Alpha resume template was the first product offered on a simple WordPress site. After that, they expanded more to South Korea in November 2015 to help Korean job seekers prepare to start their global careers for the first time.

Buy Rezi Lifetime Deal for $29.00


When a small mistake can end up costing you a big opportunity, it’s not just about what you say, it’s how you say it—or in this case, how you write it.Rezi’s team of professional resume writers will give you a fresh set of eyes to check for errors and share tips to improve your content.

Rezi tailors your resume for the job you want, getting your CV past a company’s hiring system and into the right hands.Just paste the job description for the role you’re targeting and the tool will tell you exactly which keywords to use by comparing your resume to the job posting.

Get Appsumo Rezi in the Deal for $29.00

You’ll optimize your resume with the exact skills and keywords ATS is searching for, so you can beat the bots, stand out from the cookie-cutter submissions, and land the interview.When it comes to your resume, design matters just as important as content.

Your CV should be visually appealing and include all the relevant information, but without being too long. Or too short. No pressure, though.With Rezi, you can also adapt, duplicate, and manage as many versions of your resume and cover letter as you need right in the dashboard.

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