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Saasable:Recurring revenue metrics are difficult to capture, customize, and measure.And yet, they are the most important metrics to track in real-time and update every day.Extracting, compiling, and customizing the data in spreadsheets is tedious.

Versioning and sharing spreadsheets by email also means you’re sharing static data with your team and leaves a lot of room for error.Saasable aggregates and automates daily recurring revenue data from QuickBooks into a single dashboard

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creating a one-stop-shop source of truth for the recurring revenue health of a business.Whether you are updating your management team, informing your investors, or advising a client,

Get Appsumo Saasable in the Deal for $99.00

team members can view the real-time data any time they login.Streamlining recurring revenue analytics allows you to spend more time offering your clients valuable business advice using the dashboard as a prompt.

Recurring revenue metrics dashboard

Add unlimited team members

User management of team members

No setup fee

Unlimited refresh of data

Real-time updates

Spread prepaid revenue

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