Appsumo Offer : Screpy Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Screpy:Stop worrying about missing important website metrics or checking multiple platforms.You need Screpy!Screpy combines the top website analytics and SEO tools you need to make sure your website is performing at top speed.

Stay on top of your most important metrics. SEO Audit, Pagespeed, W3C Validator, Uptime Monitoring, and Google Rank Checker (SERP) are all included with Screpy.Get downtime alerts, verify all the W3C standards on your website, and track your keyword ranking.

Buy Screpy Lifetime Deal for $49.00


With Screpy, you can test your website and monitor page speed all in one easy-to-use dashboard.See all your stats in one place, so you can identify and correct any issues and optimize your website based on real time data.

Get Appsumo Screpy in the Deal for $49.00

Screpy does what I wanted HIKE, SerpStat, and so many other tools to do: all in one dashboard, it gives me at-a-glance SEO stats on all of my sites, and inside each project, it shows me a clear, well-organized display of what needs to happen to improve SEO

I use Screpy as a scorecard to see SEO and Google Lighthouse scores instead of jumping from one site to another to check scores It saves time since we can see the sites on a single gallery. New Seo edits can be checked by clicking analyze

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