Appsumo Offer : Superfan Studio Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Superfan Studio:Brands, Influencers, Startups & Businesses who will be exploring AR for the first time for marketing or conversion. – Our verified expert AR creators will be contributing the best of the pre-packaged trending AR templates on our platform. Also enabling our creators to monetize their creations and encourage new one’s to join the trend and as market demands grow for such immersive experiences

We are pioneers of AR Experiences on FB, Insta, Snap & WebAR. We are partners with all these platforms to deliver India’s many firsts in this category. We are the first Official Snapchat Lens creator in India. Digital Interactions on Auto-Pilot We leverage our technology to connect you with your audience through our platform. Use our Conversational E-commerce platform to create your own bots and increase one-on-one engagement with your audiences

Buy Superfan Studio Lifetime Deal for $49.00


A brainchild conceived and born amidst this pandemic, it is slated to boost any company’s sales. AR, after all, makes eyes turn. Our primary theme and motto are based on the assertion, ‘AR is the next video.’ It has more potential than its predecessors like images or videos, in terms of engaging customers.

Augmented Reality (AR) is expensive. Hence, at Superfan Studio, they are democratizing AR for everyone.Superfan Studio is Canva for AR… and they believe AR is the next video!

Get Appsumo Superfan Studio in the Deal for $49.00

Using their no-code tool, you can choose from a wide range of templates, customize them, export the AR file, and then deploy them on your favorite platform.You do not need to be a 3D animator, a photoshop export, or an After Effects ninja to create your own personalized AR filter for your fans and customers.

We truly believe in “AR is The Next Video” and are on a mission of making AR accessible to all. Join us on this mission and start creating some wonderful AR experiences using your creativity and our templates

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