AppSumo Deal: Lifetime Deal for $49


AppSumo Deal is a client-facing project management system that helps you effectively collaborate with clients and organize tasks with team members. A well-oiled machine is the sum of its parts. makes sure all parts work in perfect harmony. With, you’ll be able to chat, collaborate, share files, and allocate and complete tasks.

Each of your projects has a conversation thread so you can chat and share relevant files with your team and clients. sends an email to project participants whenever a comment is posted so no one is out of the loop. Once they open the email, designated members can visit the project directly or reply by email for their comments to be posted automatically in the timeline.

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AppSumo Projectco Features

Keep all your communication in one convenient place and collaborate with ease

Easily manage, assign, and complete tasks; share files; and set deadlines

Invite your team and your client’s team and accept payments in one seamless process

Best for: Agencies, freelancers, and businesses looking for smooth collaboration between teams and clients bridges the gap between managing projects for clients and managing projects with clients. It is an integrated agile environment with planning, task, team and billing management.

Buy AppSumo Lifetime Deal for $49! Price

Normally, a one-month subscription to’s Small Plan goes for $37/month, but with AppSumo, you can snag lifetime access to the same plan for just $49. Review

This tool is ideally suited to agencies and SMEs. But it is not limited to just digital projects. It could easily be used for a plethora of other small businesses including sports, wedding planners, caterers, garages or anything that requires project management, client collaboration and payment in stages.

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