AppSumo Lifetime Deal Review & Discount


Time and time again, projects take way longer than they should or worse, balls get dropped because vital steps aren’t completed. And even though we know you absolutely love sending those nagging reminder emails, there’s a better way to keep projects moving forward.

Say hello to your new project management/sales hybrid: Recapped.

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What is Recapped?

Recapped is a platform that allows you to create proposal documents that evolve with each project.

Why you want for your Business?

Everything you and your client needs lives in one beautiful, dynamic “Recap.” Within your Recap, you can set upcoming steps, add due dates, assign tasks, and collaborate in real-time.

You’ll also be able to save time with reusable templates and gain insights with in-depth analytics. Drafting an eye-catching Recap can be done in minutes — just import personal info from LinkedIn and add your logo, banner, text blocks, pricing structure, and DocuSign link or contract.

Then, you can easily send it to your client (they don’t need LinkedIn to participate in the fun). Before you know it, the project will be finished and you’ll be on to the next one!

Grab lifetime access to this deal and turbo-boost your sales process!

Buy AppSumo Deal for just $49

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