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RelayThat:Here is where RelayThat comes in. Having used RelayThat for over a year since purchasing it on AppSumo, RelayThat has rapidly become one of my most valuable app. Featured Images on WPStarters has improved tremendously ever since RelayThat appeared.

If there was a tool to compare RelayThat to, you need to compare it with Canva. Canva is the leading online design tool for banners, posters, images, brochures and many others. I even designed the first version of my WPStarters name card with Canva.

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RelayThat Review

I like RelayThat due to the gorgeous, designer pre-approved designs that pops up at the click of a button. Like instant noodles, all I need to do is to add my logos, photos and wording. Plus if I feel a little creative, I could change the colours and fonts to suit my needs.With unlimited projects, I’m able to handle the social media images for not just my brands but for friends

An Easy To Use Design Package

RelayThat is one of the easiest to use graphic design softwares because of the features that differentiate it from the pack. The pre-designed templates make it easy to create professional looking designs with one click.You can change font and images sizes and make plenty of other adjustments but the core layout of each template is more or less fixed. Sounds restrictive, but once you get used to it, the constraints help you produce graphics super fast

Font Pairing

Like a fine wine and a good cheese, it all comes down to the perfect combination. This is a great feature for the non-designers in the room (like me). The team at RelayThat know their stuff and they’ve done the hard work for you. You can change the fonts used in a project but I find that, in general, they are good enough.

Alternatives to RelayThat

Canva – Ubiquitous in marketing circles. But it’s not a tool I spend much time in. Simple tasks like  Only Canva for Work subscribers can upload their own fonts. The manipulation of fonts in the tool is pretty limited and fiddly.PicMonkey – A powerful suite of graphics tools that starts at around $15 a month for the basic plan.

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About RelayThat

RelayThat is a software business formed in 2016 in the United States that publishes a software suite called RelayThat. The RelayThat product is SaaS software. RelayThat is graphic design software, and includes features such as collaboration, image database, image editor, and templates. Alternative competitor software options to RelayThat include Widen Collective, ATOMIZED, and BrandMaker.

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