Appsumo Review: Good4work Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $250


Good4work: When you grow your team but fail to know your team members, show appreciation, and play to people’s strengths, it can quickly lead to dysfunctional teams or burnout.

Good4work is an easy-to-use team engagement tool for remote teams to build trust virtually and improve teamwork. It works from where you are, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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You save time and stress thanks to teamwork best practices:

Good4work will streamline your team engagement workflow (Welcome/onboarding team video, give kudos, provide continuous feedback, easy thank you notes, share your team contract)

Good4work Appsumo
Good4work Appsumo

It will connect your team members and foster a culture of transparency (individual and team profiles, transparent goals, team dashboard for a fair performance assessment).

Click here to Buy Good4work Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $250

Good4work Plan

  • One workspace with 10 teams up to 20 people
  • Workflow w/Slack, corporate email (soon MS teams)
  • Messaging templates integrated w/ corporate email
  • Team and Individual profiles, Team dashboard
  • Library of kudos for skills and soft skills

Good4work Features

  • You can connect people and teams with individual and team profiles.
  • You can look at people’s and teams’ strengths through the kudos and feedback received.
  • You can ask your customers to give kudos.
  • You can facilitate your virtual onboarding with a team contract or an onboarding video.
  • You can coach and provide continuous feedback to everyone within your workspace with logged messages.
  • You can share your 3 main weekly goals to prepare for your team meetings.
  • You can remove biases and make a fair performance assessment without stress to assess performance with a summary of all the 360-degrees kudos and messages already received.
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