Appsumo Review: JivoChat Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59


JivoChat: JivoChat is a real-time messenger that helps businesses connect directly with their prospects and customers on multiple channels. It will grow your sales by chatting with prospects and customers in real-time across channels.

JivoChat is best for Sales teams, support staff, marketers, and small business owners looking for a unified way to connect to customers.

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Turn visitors into leads by engaging them in live chat on different pages as you answer questions, talk about deals, and offer your expertise.

You can use canned responses and smart suggestions based on your previous messages, making it easier to answer dozens of customer requests at the same time.

JivoChat allows you to bring your business to channels that your customer is already using, giving your brand a big advantage.


You’ll be able to handle customer requests from multiple sources from one dashboard, letting your team to serve leads and customers right where they are.

You can use JivoChat’s built-in CRM to store all customer data in one place, switching from chat feature to CRM in just one click.

To make sure no deal slips through the cracks, assign tasks to team members and set reminders while keeping things organized with statuses, tags, and a Kanban board.

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With JivoChat, you can use one messenger to handle customer requests and your team chat so nothing gets lost.

Jivo team chats are a secure alternative to private messenger apps where you can send direct messages or create a group chat to discuss customers or leads.

JivoChat makes it easy to communicate with customers in real-time—not just through live chat on your website but also on all the other channels they’re using.

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