Appsumo Review: WP Courseware Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $39


WP Courseware: WP Courseware helps anyone with a WordPress website easily create and sell online courses, turning their knowledge into profits. It create a self-hosted course right on your WordPress site and keep all the profits.

WP Courseware brings true drag-and-drop course creation to WordPress, making it quick and easy for non-developers to build out their courses—without screaming into the error page void.

Click here to buy WP Courseware Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $39

WP Courseware
WP Courseware

The best part? There’s no revenue sharing, which means you get to keep every penny you make on your courses through WP Courseware.

You can offer flexible payment options like one-time payments, installment payments, or a recurring subscription.

You’ll also get access to hundreds of training resources to help you along your course creation journey from idea to launch.

Click here to buy WP Courseware Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $39

Build a single course or create an entire ecosystem of courses right on your own WordPress website—there’s no limit to the number of courses you can create.

For added convenience, you can leverage existing content within your courses when you use the one-click option to convert your posts or pages to course units.

WP Courseware lets you create quizzes or surveys within your courses to increase learning retention and gather feedback to finetune your course offering.

You can make your quizzes completely customizable using flexible question types, blocking and non-blocking quizzes, timed quizzes, randomization, customizable feedback, and more!

WP Courseware integrates with a number of e-commerce, membership, achievement, and email marketing plugins, allowing you to customize your e-learning experience.

As the original WordPress plugin for courses, WP Courseware allows you to quickly transform your WordPress site content into a customized, dynamic course.

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