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Smart Quiz Builder – Plus exclusive Appsumo: Generate leads and tailor your content with an easy-to-build quiz funnel. Smart Quiz Builder is only available to Plus members during Black Friday until December 2, 2022. Sign up for Plus today if you’re not a member. Trying to figure out exactly what your customers are thinking is like every conversation with your mom about pop culture.  But if you’re just making wild guesses, you’ll miss out on big opportunities to capitalize on your customer’s feedback.

Find out what your customers really want on an interactive platform that lets you generate leads, drive traffic to your site, and improve conversions. Quizzes are a great way to go beyond generic marketing. With quizzes from Smart Quiz Builder, visitors will spend more time on your site, and you’ll get more relevant data about your potential customers. You’ll be able to segment, tag, and deliver highly personalized offers that are tailored to your prospects’ pain points and needs.

Click Here to Buy Smart Quiz Builder – Plus exclusive Appsumo Black Friday Deal for $69

Smart Quiz Builder - Plus exclusive Appsumo

Thanks to Smart Quiz Builder’s super intuitive platform, you can create quizzes in minutes. Just select the type of quiz, pick a template, connect the quiz to your email platform, and follow the steps in the user-friendly quiz builder. You can choose from a range of question types, from multiple choice to rating scales, and add smart branching logic using the platform’s unique, visual funnel builder.

Best of all, you’ll nurture leads more effectively by sending them to a fully customized and personalized outcome screen, or redirecting them to a product recommendation page based on their results. Much like the number of seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the customization options for Smart Quiz Builder are nearly endless. Choose how your survey appears on the page with options for in-page, pop-ups, or pop-overs for the best user experience and create a different, optimized style for mobile users.

You’ll be able to add your custom branding and style, so every quiz aligns with your business. You can even use GIFs, emojis, and images in your questions and answers. And even though Smart Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin, you can publish quizzes anywhere using the embed code feature. Take away the guesswork and get the answers you want from your prospects using feedback surveys, conditional logic and analytics, and so much more.

Track results and performance for each quiz on the dashboard, viewing the most popular answer choices, the total number of users in each result category, and more. Plus, you can show your visitors the most relevant content and offers based on their survey responses. Smart Quiz Builder also integrates with all leading marketing automation and email platforms, so it fits seamlessly into your existing lead processes.

Running a business without taking customer feedback is like going Christmas shopping without a wish list. Thankfully, Smart Quiz Builder makes it easy to get to know your prospects, so you can tailor their customer journey on your site.

Click Here to Buy Smart Quiz Builder – Plus exclusive Appsumo Black Friday Deal for $69

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