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WP Scheduled Posts:Schedule Calendar: Manage your content with a great visual calendar. You can add posts in the queue, and WP Scheduled Posts will publish them on your desired days and hours. You can move the scheduled post on a different date right from the schedule calendar.

csigncsign October 21, 2019 The Free version is simply useless – it can do simply nothing, you need the paid one if you’d like to auto or manual schedule posts. The free version simply shows what you have done: scheduled a post to date XY, that’s all.

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WP Scheduled Posts


If you have scheduled a post or page to be published in the future, but changed your mind and want to publish it immediately, edit your scheduled post or page.Click on the scheduled date next to Publish in Document Settings. Change the date to today, which will change the button at the top from Schedule to Publish.

WP Scheduled Posts

WP Scheduled Posts is a WordPress plugin that offers an all-in-one solution to manage all your posts more efficiently. It offers a schedule calendar and auto scheduler tool to organize and plan your posts ahead of time. The schedule calendar also supports a drag and drop functionality to organize your posts in a more visual way. This plugin is worth considering, especially if you’re running a multi-author WordPress website that needs a good content management workflow.

A New Helpful Setup Wizard

Auto Scheduler – enter how many posts you want for each day of the week plus a time range and let WP Scheduled Posts handle the rest. WP Scheduled Posts will automatically suggest schedules that match your preference. For example, you want one post on weekdays between 12 pm and 6 pm. Manual Scheduler – enter the specific days and times to publish content. For example, you want a post every single Tuesday at exactly noon.

A New Helpful Setup Wizard

In the latest version of WP Scheduled Posts, the plugin will launch a getting started wizard as soon as you activate it.This wizard helps you configure all the important basics for how the plugin functions.First, you can choose whether or not to display information from the plugin in various areas, like the WordPress toolbar and main dashboard area

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WP Scheduled Posts PREMIUM

Auto Scheduler: Get absolute control over your content schedule as you can create rules to post content automatically. You just need to specify the time interval in which you want to have your posts scheduled and this plugin will publish it on the exact time. You can also set exact date and time to create flexible schedule.

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