ART Municipal Jalapa vs Real Estelí football Dream 11 Prediction


JAL vs EST : In Liga Primera, Clausura 2020, Municipal Jalapa has been placed at the fifth position in the tournament standings. In the total of 17 matches participated, JAL has faced victories in 6 matches, faced failures in 6 matches and has managed to draw 5 matches, so far. JAL has scored 23 points for the team. In the recently played match against Managua FC, JAL has lost the match by scoring only one goal, whereas the opponent has scored six goals, which ended in a defeat for JAL. Previous to this match, JAL has played against Diriangen FC, in which both the teams did not manage to score any goals, which ended in a draw. The path of JAL in the recent five games is W L D D L. JAL should try to learn from their past mistakes, which could be rectified in the forthcoming matches so that they can move upward in the standings.

Real Esteli takes the top third place in the Liga Primera, Clausura 2020 points table. EST has succeeded in a total of 9 matches, out of 17 matches played. EST has been defeated in 3 matches and has drawn 5 matches. EST has managed to score 32 points in their account. In the last match, EST has faced off against Diriangen FC, in which both the teams did not manage to score one single goal, which ended in a draw. Before this game, EST has matched up against Chinandega FC, in which the opponent has scored one goal, while EST has scored thrice as them, which ended in a victory for EST. The stats of EST in the recent five matches are D L D W D. EST must keep up this good record, which would help them in moving further in the points table.



ART Municipal Jalapa vs Real Estelí Team News

ART Municipal Jalapa

  • Delvin Siles
  • Edry Centen
  • Frander Cruz
  • Ronaldo Pabon

Real Estelí

  • Henry Maradiaga
  • Manuel Rosas
  • Jason Casco
  • Cristian Mauriel-Gutierrez
  • Richard Rodriguez
  • Jorge Betancur
  • Brandon Ayerdis

ART Municipal Jalapa vs Real Estelí – Team Squad

ART Municipal Jalapa:

K. Bautista, G. Galeano, V. Mairena, M. Mena, A. Orozco, S. Arbs, E. Bothel, E. Cabrera, A. Colindres, E. García, M. García, O. Lau, R. Lopez, M. Medina, E. Mondragón, G. Ramos, L. Sánchez, D. Siles,vJ. Torrez, J. González, K. Acuña, M. Briones, G. Castellanos,F. Cruz, L. Cruz, J. Flores, Heyder López, Y. Martínez , A. Montenegro, K. Montenegro, K. Peréz M. Rocha, M. Zambrana, E. Centen, ,Gabriel J. Duarte, L. Galeano, N. Lazo, Hexell López, H. Moreno, H. Navarrete

Real Estelí:

Henry Maradiaga, Denver Fox, Esdras Gonzalez, Jason Casco, Oscar Renan-Lopez, Cristian Mauriel-Gutierrez, Manuel Rosas, Francisco Paz, Richard Rodriguez, Josue Quijano, Luis Lopez-Pindea, Janathan Sanchez, Edgar Castillo-Bellorin, Ricardo Rivas-Gomaz, Lucio Barroca, Jorge Betancur, Juan Barrera, Oscar Acevedo, Marlon Lopez, Jaime Ayala, Yohn Mosquera, Oscar Castellon-Ruiz, Harold Medina, Jesus Leal, Henry Garcia, Fabrizio Tavano, Brandon Ayerdis, Taufic Guarch, Luis Acuna, Vinicius De-Souza, Widman Talavera, Henry Figueros


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