Bayern München vs Baskets Oldenburg Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


BAY vs BO : In Germany Basketball Bundesliga 2020, Bayern Munchen has been positioned at the second place in the league standings. In the total of three matches participated, BBG has succeeded in two matches, defeated in one match. BBG has managed to score five points for the team. In the recent match, BAY has matched up against BG Gottingen, in which BAY has won the match with the score of 55-90 points. Prior to this game, BAY has played against Crailsheim Merlins, in which BAY has won the match by scoring 110 points, whereas CM has struggled to score 79 points. The stats of BAY in the recent five matches are W L W W. BAY must be planning on for their hat-trick victory. Let’s see whether they manage to take their third consecutive win of the season.

EWE Baskets Oldenburg takes the fourth position in the Germany Basketball Bundesliga points table of 2020. BO has taken part in the total of two matches, in which BO has faced victory in one match and faced failure in one match. BO has managed to score three points in their account. In the recent match, BO has faced off against BG Gootingen, in which BO has won the game with the score of 80-62 points. Before this match, BO has played against Ratiopharm Ulm, in which BO has been stuck with 66 points, whereas RU has managed to score 85 points, which ended in a defeat for BO. The path of BO in the past five matches is W L W L W. BO must try to stay on this victory track, in order to move upward in the points table.


Bayern München vs Baskets Oldenburg – Key Players Team News

  • Vladimir Lucic
  • Danilo Barthel
  • Mathias Lessort

Baskets Oldenburg (BO) – Key Players

  • Nathan Boothe
  • Rashid Mahalbasic
  • Rickey Paulding

Bayern München vs Baskets Oldenburg

Bayern München: W – 3, L – 1
Baskets Oldenburg: W – 5, L – 5

Bayern München vs Baskets Oldenburg – Team Squad

Bayern München (BAY):’

Maodo Lo, Zan Sisko, Ismet Akpinar, Thomas Bray, Petteri Koponen, Diego Flaccadori, Jason George, Paul Zipser, Vladimir Lucic, Matej Rudan, Sasha Grant, Danilo Barthel, Alex King, Mathias Lessort, Leon Radosevic, Jacob Knauf

Baskets Oldenburg (BO):

Tyler Larson, Braydon Hobbs, Robert Drijencic, Jacob Hollatz, Robin Amaize, Karsten Tadda, Rickey Paulding, Armani Moore, Philipp Schwethelm, Nathan Boothe, Ian Hummer, Filip Stanic, Rashid Mahalbasic, Till Isemann, Marcel Kessen

Bayern München vs Baskets Oldenburg – Probable Lineups

Bayern München:

Maodo Lo (PG), Petteri Koponen (SG), Vladimir Lucic (SF), Danilo Barthel (PF), Mathias Lessort (C)

Baskets Oldenburg:

Braydon Hobbs (PG), Robin Amaize (SG), Rickey Paulding (SF), Nathan Boothe (PF), Rashid Mahalbasic (C)

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