Halamathi Habibo Song Promo – Arabic Kuthu Song Release Date Locked


Halamathi Habibo Song Promo: Beast is an upcoming film acted by Thalapathy Vijay. This will be the 65th film for actor Vijay. One of the biggest production companies in South India Sun Pictures producing the film. The film has been expected to release this April 14.

Fans are asking for an update of the Beast teaser release date or Beast’s first single release date from the team. But there is no official confirmation from the team. Beast is going to be the next blockbuster film for Vijay. We can also expect thalapathy 66 heroine announcement.

Beast First Single Promo 2 to be Out Soon

Beast First look and Second look released on Thalapathy Vijay’s Birthday. Both the look gets a huge and positive response from the Vijay fans and all the neutral fans. Recently, the team has shared the anniversary pic of the shooting pic and the pic got very viral on social media.

Beast First Single

Beast’s first single is going to release on February 14 which is the news spreading on social media. But there is no official information has been revealed from the team. We can expect an official update from the team soon. Sun Picture’s Etharkum Thunithavan film is hitting theatres from February 10. So we can expect a Beast update after the release of that film.

Beast Update

Today Sun Pictures has officially announced that they are revealing Beast Update at today 06 PM. After the sudden announcement, #BeastUpdate is trending top at India Trends. Let’s wait till 06 PM to know what is the update.

Stay tuned for further updates from the team about Beast’s first single.

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