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Beezer Appsumo: Beezer is a DIY app creation platform. That makes it easy to build and manage no-code progressive web apps for user engagement and customer conversion. It will create stunning and engaging apps through an intuitive no-code and drag-and-drop platform.

Beezer is best for Small businesses and agencies looking to create personalized apps for better user engagement without having to code. Beezer is a platform that empowers you to create your own progressive web app (PWA). It includes offline mobile functionality without any development know-how.

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PWAs are applications that behave and look like native apps. But run directly inside a user’s browser for seamless accessibility from desktop and mobile.

Enable visitors to access all of your app features via a simple, clickable web link, which then seamlessly renders for your users like a typical app would.

Beezer Appsumo
Beezer Appsumo

You’ll be able to push user engagement by uploading embedded multimedia content, like audio, video live streams, and pop-up offers, accessible by users any time, anywhere.

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You can even add loyalty program components, a user chat, and push notifications that can be customized and scheduled for greater customer relations.

Click here to buy Beezer Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $39

Member login functionality can be equipped with Stripe integration. Letting you implement membership programs and recurring subscription payments.

The apps are e-commerce friendly. So you can embed your Shopify or WooCommerce store and have users pay via PayPal. From there, your business clients will be able to access apps via sub-accounts. With Beezer, making an app is just like walking into a Target: the options are limitless.

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