Benchmark App Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $29.00


Benchmark App Review: The new Benchmark App is a must-have tool for artists, creatives, and freelancers who want to get control of the results of their business.

Whether you need more sales, more profit margin, more awareness through marketing and advertising, the app will help you focus on the exact parts of your business that need attention now.

Benchmark App ReviewBuy Benchmark App Lifetime Deal for $29.00

What this means for you is that you spend less time on the “business side of your business” and more time doing the work you love. Which really means that you have more fulfillment, more time, and a greater ability to make the world better through your work.

Priced for solo business owners who want to take control of their business

Change your business in the next 30 days by using the feedback from the app to focus your actions

Understand how your business works and get clarity on how to fix the parts that are holding you back

Benchmark App

Instant download of the .xls file

30 days of free training to help you get started

60 days free when the app becomes a subscription

Invite as many team members as needed

Free updates to the app

Get Appsumo Benchmark App in the Deal for $29.00
The app takes the typical bloated business intelligence app – with thousands of integrations and countless reports – and eliminates all of the fluff. This helps focus and give you clarity on what’s really going on in your business in a context that matters.With that clarity, you can then focus your efforts to identify and remove the constraints in your business that are holding you back.

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