Bengaluru Blasters vs Hubli Tigers Live Score Team News Dream 11 Predictions


HT vs BB: The two sides will face off this time around again in what will be another enthralling match of the Karnataka Premier League 2019. Bengaluru Blasters are at the moment right above the last team in the league table at number 6. They have won only a single game so far out of their 5 matches. Conversely, Hubli Tigers rest at number 4 on the table winning 2 of their 5 matches. Both the teams will look to capitalize on a win as the season begins.

The last game for both the sides wasn’t a good one as they lost to their opponents. The bowlers for the tigers very pretty expensive. Kumar, Shetty, and Mathias all tolerated an economy of more than 10. For the Blasters, it was almost an identical story in the bowling department, with their bating also not clicking. Let us look at what could become the HT vs BB Dream11.

Ht vs BB

Bengaluru Blasters vs Hubli Tigers Playing 11

Hubli Tigers: Mohammed Taha, LS Sisodia, M Vishwanathan, KL Shrijith, SA Bhavane, P Dubey, R Vinay Kumar, Shivil Koushik(c), AT Somanna, DK Mathias/ Vidyadhar Patil, Mitrakanth Yadav, Abhilash Shetty/ Shivil Koushik

Bengaluru BlastersBR Sharath, RP Kadam/ Kishore Kamat, KN Bharath/ Muthanna Chandrashekhar, R Jonathan (c), Nikin Jose, Rohan Raju, MS Bhandage, B Dhuri, D Bharath/, D Anand, V Koushik

Bengaluru Blasters vs Hubli Tigers Squad

Hubli Tigers:

Rongsen Jonathan (c), Rohan Kadam, KN Bharath, V Koushik, Nishant Shekhawat, Sharath BR, Anil I G, Bharath Dhuri, Anand Doddamani, Nikin Jose , Kishore Kamat, Rohan Raju, Anurag Bajpai, Manoj S Bhandage, Bharath Devaraj, Muthanna Chandrashekhar, Kuldeep Kumar, Rishi Bopanna, Aditya Goyal

Bengaluru Blasters:

Vinay Kumar (c), KB Pawan, Shishir Bhavane, David Mathias, Praveen Dubey, Aditya Somanna, Mohammed Taha, Shivil Koushik, Mitrakanth Yadav, M Vishwanathan, KL Shrijith, Luvnith Sisodia, Abilash Shetty, Vidyadhar Patil, Suraj Seshadri, Mahesh Patel, Parikshith Shetty, Dheeraj Shashidhar

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