Berrycast Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $59.00


Berrycast Review: Berrycast is used by many individual for many different reasons. Ranging from corporate users to teachers and individuals, we adress many jobs to be done with Berrycast

A screen recorder app to supercharge your communications. Let it be to communicate with potential clients, produce product demos, obtain feedback, complete some training (for work or education). Berrycast is the easiest way to say something in person, online. With Berrycast be seen. be heard. be understood.

Buy Berrycast Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Berrycast Review

Berrycast Reviews & Product Details

A screen recorder app to supercharge your communications! Discover the most effortless way to communicate at work. What’s a screen recorder, you ask? It’s the closest thing to explaining something in person you’ll find online. Berrycast is the easiest tool for screencasting. Everybody can use it in just one click! Flawless onboarding, quick recording widget to your computer, share on any platform, protect your content with a password, have access to all your videos and create a folder to improve your video organization.


Berrycast is a screen recorder application, which helps users record and capture video and audio simultaneously. Users can hover the widget and start screen recording by using the record button and complete the recording through the done button.

Berrycast provides a share box which allows users to send video by email or via links. The platform also offers a library of videos and lets individuals add passwords to videos, organize them in folders and download in MP4 versions.

Team Communication Software Features
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Collaboration
  • File Sharing
  • Meeting Management
  • Activity/News Feed
  • Audio/Video Calls
  • Mobile Access
  • Real-time Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Task Management


Berrycast is so simple to use. Simply download and install Berrycast to record your screen, add a webcama nd narration to explain something to a colleague or client. The widget bar is always there to use and in 1 simple click strat a recording. As soon as you hit DONE, the share screen will appear where you can directly send it to soeone with their e-mail or copy/paste the unique URL link


Missing some annotation adn drawing capabilities. Also, a preview mode would be appreciated.

Wherever there’s a complicated email thread or long-winded explanation on the phone, Berrycast is there to do the heavy lifting. Provide personalized updates on important projects to your clients or give them their own detailed tutorial for your product or platform.

Get Appsumo Berrycast in the Deal for $59.00

And when it comes to teaching, Berrycast excels in delivering full lessons, providing assignment solutions and explanations, and offering visual and verbal feedback to students.

Sometimes you just need the visual element and human touch that comes with showing off your screen. Now, you can improve asynchronous communication and add flair to your online interactions with a user-friendly screen recording app that’s easy as pie.

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