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BetterDocs: Due to the nature of BetterDocs, I find the affiliation with a site such as RaidForums to be extremely concerning, because it can say a lot about the administrator of the website / developer and who they are friends with

BetterDocs is an ultimate Knowledgebase solution that allows you to create an organized Documentations page and improve the user experience on your website. Since it helps visitors to easily find the article they are looking for, it will massively reduce the support

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provider data together

BetterDoctor makes it easier for patients and doctors to connect by working with health plans, provider groups, health systems, and startups to create and deliver high quality, accurate data to the marketplace at large. Our tools help bring trust, transparency, and confidence to the process of finding a doctor

Organize an Event

We formed teams, set goals, and tried to make it as fun as possible. We had a tasty breakfast, lots of stickers, and the feeling of a common goal. It was super successful and made people excited about writing documentation, encouraging them to start writing documentation in their projects

Document Assembly

Document Assembly is the process of putting variable data together with static text to produce the documents that we use over and over. It is the computer equivalent of putting a form in a typewriter and filling in the blanks


Discord enhancement project. Free quality Themes and Plugins for Discord and easy installation instructions for BetterDiscord and more! Logo originally made by BeardDesign.Create & Manage Knowledge Base Documentations Effectively

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BetterDocs Features

The integrated analytics feature helps you track the activity on your pages to see how they’re performing and use site traffic to optimize the customer experience. The main feature of BetterDocs include

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